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You are talking about the editor being used, evidently.  When I encounter an editor that has this problem, I type and review my comment in Notepad, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the edit field on the web site.

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A little more info.  The problem I described does not occur with
firefox.  Having to use the escape to get the next edit box to read is
not a big issue but when you are typing in a large comment as part of
the web form and you can not review what you have typed is a real problem.

On 2/22/2021 5:27 PM, Gene wrote:
> Unless you are already familiar with a form, leaving forms mode and down
> arrowing through the form, switching to forms mode when necessary, then
> switching to browse mode and continuing to down arrow, is a better
> system than tabbing either in forms mode or browse mode.  You don't know
> what information you may miss explaining something in the form such as
> giving an example of what is wanted in a field.does.  There may be other
> information in forms between fields as well.
> Just tabbing in unfamiliar forms causes all sorts of unnecessary problems.
> So, while it may be something developers will want to correct, that
> still doesn't get at a much more serious problem, how so many people
> fill out unfamiliar forms.
> Gene
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> *Subject:* [nvda] problem filling out web form
> Running Win 10 20h2 and NVDA 2020.4 and using latest version of Google
> Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
> If I go to and try to fill out the contact us form Nvda
> will not allow you to review what you have typed into a edit box nor
> will it announce the next edit box when you hit tab to move to it.  Only
> way to move to next edit box on the contact us form is to hit escape
> then tab to the next part of the form.  This happens both when using MS
> Edge and Google chrome.  Jaws reads the form correctly.
> Here is the exact steps to see the issue.
> Go to <>
> move to the contact us form and hit enteer
> move to the combo box that asks for the reason for the contact and tab
> to continue
> now hit e to move to the first edit box which is first name
> now try to tab to the next edit box which is last name. Nvda says
> nothing unless you hit the escape key between each edit box to be filled
> in.

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