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Joseph Norton

Hi Tyler:


So I gather I can’t put   sleepMode=True in an ini file named after the app?


Not a problem, however.  I know I can handle what you suggest.


Actually, what I’m using it for is the VBNS (Virtual Braille ‘n Speak) emulator.  You wrote something similar, and I think it put NVDA to sleep automatically.


Anyway, I will try what you suggest, as I want NVDA to go to sleep upon launch of DOSBOX-X.EXE and wake up after I exit or alt-tab away.


Or, I think your program is in the Talking DosBox distro, so I may just grab it and run it.


Thanks much, since this allows me to experiment with both without worrying about using NVDA+shift+S each time I launch the program.




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From: Tyler Spivey
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The easiest way to do this is to enable the scratchpad in NVDA's

advanced settings,

then create a file in appModules called, where appname is the

name of your executable without the extension. Put this in it:


import appModuleHandler


class AppModule(appModuleHandler.AppModule):





You can also create an addon, which would be the better option if you

wanted to redistribute this, but that's a bit more involved.


On 2/23/2021 8:02 PM, Joseph Norton wrote:

> Hi listers:


> I have a program which uses NVDA's speech, but, doesn't use any other

> part of the program.


> Is there any way to have NVDA automatically go into sleep mode when a

> certain application is running?


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> Windows 10


> Thanks!








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