Toggling between keyboards (long description)

Jiho Kim



I read the automated “welcome message” in its entirety :) and I have a question: It may not be 100% related to the NVDA – not sure where to post this question. It may belong to the “chat” section but I need help regardless. I also checked the archive but no success.

First of all: English is not my first language – I may have some spelling errors or nonsensical sentences.

Secondly: we use Windows 10 (I think it’s relevant) and very new to NVDA or screen readers in general (other than voiceover for iphones?). well, I am still not sure if this is the right place to look for help.

In short: the issue is about being able to write in Korean letters.

I know how to toggle between pre-installed keyboards in windows (left Alt + left Shift by default) but If you change the keyboard layout with Alt+Shift to Korean, one more small button appears on the right side of the taskbar. Usually, you can toggle between Korean letters and English (or whatever romanised language) letters by left-clicking the button in the taskbar with mouse or some Korean keyboards has an extra (physical) key between spacebar and right Alt key. In my case, I don’t have the extra physical key, that’s assigned to this toggle button and cannot use the mouse.

I googled for very long time but could not find anything. I was hoping to find some solution here.

If needed, I can provide some screenshots(?)


FYI: we have no issues reading Korean (you can simply change the setting in NVDA) or changing the language settings in general. It seems, that’s one of the common issues from the archive.


Many thanks!

Jiho Kim

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