Re: ZOOM: Can NVDA announce state of mute/unmute?


Hi, all you do is hold down the alt key and hit a. You will be muted. When you unmute do the same thing. I tried with both jaws and NVDA. When I mute Jaws will say your audio is muted. NVDA says muted. You know you are muted. When you unmute, NVDA will say unmuted. Jaws will say your audio is unmuted.


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From: Milton Charlton
Sent: February 25, 2021 9:26 AM
Subject: [nvda] ZOOM: Can NVDA announce state of mute/unmute?


During a ZOOM session I would like to hear the status of mute/unmute.  When I press down the spacebar, NVDA starts to announce “unmute” but does not complete speaking the word “unmute”.  When I let up the spacebar NVDA announces “mute”.

It is often impractical to hold down the spacebar to speak.  If I manage to click on the mute/unmute icon, NVDA does not announce anything.  I know there is a red slash though the icon but that is too hard to see.

Similarly, if I use ALT-A to change the state of mute/unmute, NVDA does not announce this.

I feel I am missing something here and therefore seek your advice.  Is there a way to make this work better?

It would also be really handy to have a way to announce the state of mute/unmute without actually changing the state by the controls mentioned above.  Something like a hotkey that causes the state of mute/unmute to be spoken would be great.  Sometimes during a session I just want to know if I am  muted or unmuted because I may have forgotten the status.

Thanks.  This is a great forum!!






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