Re: Toggling between keyboards (long description)


Hi all,

Let me reply in Korean first and provide translations below:

옛날에 한국어 번역을 담당하던 이성원입니다. 아마도 Language Bar를 말씀하시는것 같은데 저같은 경우 오른쪽 얼트를 누르면 한글과 영어로 전환됩니다. 한자같은 경우 아시다시피 오른쪽 컨트롤을 눌러서 한자 후보창을 호출합니다.

참고로 Windows+Space나 Alt+Shift+를 누르면 키보드 배열(정확하게 말하면 입력 방식)이 변경되는데 한국어 배열에서 위에 언급한 대로 한글/영어 전환 키가 없으면 오른쪽 얼트를 쓰면 됩니다.

English translation:

I'm Joseph Lee, the former leader of NVDA Korean translations team.

I think you might be talking about Language Bar. If so, you can just press right Alt key to switch between English and Korean. As you know, you can enter Hanja characters by pressing the right Control key, which opens candidates window.

For reference, Windows+Space and Alt+Shift is used to switch between keyboard layouts (input method, to be exact). In case your keyboard doesn't have the dedicated English/Korean key, you can use right Alt key.

By the way, if you want to search for more info on input methods on the group archive, look for CJK, IME, or keyboard language.

Cheers, Joseph

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