Re: Finding in MS Word

Quentin Christensen

Are you in Browse mode or focus mode when you press NVDA+control+f?

(Browse mode, for reading, can use single letter navigation keys and NVDA+f7 elements list like on the web.  Focus mode,you can write text - Word is normally in focus mode).

NVDA+control+f only works in Browse mode, so you need to press NVDA+spacebar in Word to switch to browse mode, but otherwise, it may provide a simpler "find" interface for some than particularly the task panes in the newer versions of Word.



On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 7:42 AM, kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@...> wrote:
The NVDA find command doesn't seem to work in MS word. When I press it
it treats me as having pressed ctrl-f, which is the regular Word find
and which doesn't work as well. How do you find text in a Word

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