Re: Getting started with HyperV using NVDA

Akash Kakkar

Hi Lukas,

Thanks a lot for your help.
Ok, if this is the case then I'll stay with VMWare only. actually was just thinking to try however don't require any specific feature of HyperV
Thanks a lot for your detailed explaination bro, it helped a lot.

On 2/27/2021 9:32 PM, Lukasz Golonka via wrote:
In short, don't bother unless you need a specific feature of HyperV.
Interface is pretty accessible but you won't have sound from a guest OS
until an equivalent of VMware Tools is installed inside a VM.
It should be possible I guess to install Windows using an unattended
installation and automate installation of these tools into your guest
system but there is no real advantage in switching.
If you're looking for a replacement of VMware you can try VirtualBox -
it is not as accessible but offers very similar set of features.

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