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Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

I used VmWare when I took a networking class a few years ago and found
it quite easy to use. I'd need a refresher on some of its commands now
as it's been about five years since I've used it, but I found it quite
usable with NVDA. I'll mention the problems I had with it even though
they have nothing to do with VmWare itself:
1. This could be a problem with any virtual machine, there are so many
files associated with it that I had a hard time figuring out which
file to open in order to start the machine.
2. Once the machines were configured, I needed sighted assistance to
install a screen reader. When I did get NVDA installed in Server 2008,
the sound device was disabled, so we had to change that in order to
get NVDA to work.

On 2/27/21, molly the blind tech lover <> wrote:
I am actually using VMware work station pro for my computer networking class
right now.
I am not familiar with HyperV but I was hoping to hear of another blind
person's experiences with VMware work station as I don't know anyone else
who uses it.
Now that my professor fixed it so that the virtual machines appear in the
list of tabs I find VMware work station much easier to use.
I can press alt t and see the virtual machines in the list of tabs.
If I press enter on one I can then press control b to power it on.

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Hi all,

So, I want to use HyperV instead of VMWare Workstation Pro for my
virtualisation needs.

Can anyone please tell me his/her experience with HyperV while using NVDA?

What shortcut keys are there?

How to switch to guest OS?

How to switch to host OS?

Any NVDA addon to make any part of HyperV more accessible.

Please help me

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