Re: Getting started with HyperV using NVDA


Well, the issue I had was with edit fields, but also enhanced keyboard.

I installed it so I could use it on linux but when updating again, well it just didn't work, and plus I forgot to update enhanced keyboard which screwed up windows.

I went to do support but vmware will notaccept anything that doesn't have a contract so well vmware is hmmmph, not sure.

I don't have a dedicated system to do this but I may try again with virtual box  portable, hopefully I won't have to have my system slowed down with drivers and other junk I will never need.

On 28/02/2021 8:45 am, abdul muhamin wrote:

Hello, VMWare is more accessible now a days, I recommend you should try the latest version


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From: Akash Kakkar
Sent: Saturday, 27 February 2021 7:45 am
Subject: [nvda] Getting started with HyperV using NVDA


Hi all,


So, I want to use HyperV instead of VMWare Workstation Pro for my

virtualisation needs.


Can anyone please tell me his/her experience with HyperV while using NVDA?


What shortcut keys are there?


How to switch to guest OS?


How to switch to host OS?


Any NVDA addon to make any part of HyperV more accessible.


Please help me








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