Re: right clicking

Don H

By a happy accident I just figured it out. I opened the start menu, in the search box I typed powershell, first item found was powershell. I then hit the right arrow and got the options to run as admin.

On 2/28/2021 2:12 PM, John Altmeyer wrote:
Don, I use Windows 10.  Here is how I do what you want.
Hold down the Windows key and press R - this brings up the run dialog. Type powershell
Next, hold down both the shift and control key and press the enter key.
This will run Powershell as administrator.
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On 02/28/2021 2:35 PM, Don H wrote:
I want to run powershell admin.  To do so I open the start menu and search for powershell.  Now I am supposed to right click the result and select run as admin.  How do you right click on someing in the start menu?

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