Converting JAWS Dictionaries

Greg Epley <greg.epley64@...>

In the archives, I had stumbled upon a member seeking some way to convert their JAWS dictionary into NVDA format so an existing large JAWS dictionary didn't need to be manually created entry by entry for NVDA use.
This is one area that's keeping me away from NVDA, and I was just wondering if anyone could offer status on the project? According to the archives, a member was working on an external utility to do the conversion. They were wanting other members to send their JDF file so issues with the tool could be worked out. However, he said use "Reply to Sender", which I couldn't find when looking at the archive page, even after I joined the group in hopes that would help. I clicked on a combo box that seemed it might offer some options, then ended up somewhere entirely unexpected and closed out the browser.
My other issue with moving to NVDA is beyond the scope of this post, so I will not get into that. It's possibly just something I need to further research, but I lack the free time to do that right now.
Thanks in advance for input on status of this tool, or if someone has created an add-in that will do the same conversion.

-Greg Epley

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