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On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 05:27 PM, Greg Epley wrote:
According to the archives, a member was working on an external utility to do the conversion. They were wanting other members to send their JDF file so issues with the tool could be worked out. However, he said use "Reply to Sender", which I couldn't find when looking at the archive page, even after I joined the group in hopes that would help.
That member would be me.  I still have the gawk script I wrote to do this, and if you want to send me your JDF file I'll gladly run it through so that you can be the next test case.  I did not get enough response to feel comfortable "widely releasing" a utility that's still in late alpha stage, at best.

As to "Reply to Sender," that's something that will be at the end of email messages for those reading via email.  If you're using the archive on the web, and you are logged in, there is a Private button beneath the compose window that would switch your reply only to the person who sent the message you're replying to, and the usual Reply to Group button changes to Reply to Sender if the Private button has been activated.

You're the first person I know of who's attempted to use the web interface "straight out of the shoot" and the only one I believe I know of who wanted to send a reply privately using that interface.  Great for you, but my prior message was aiming squarely at those reading via email, which is the vast majority of the membership.  You should see a Reply to Sender link at the end of this message in your inbox.

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