Re: Most Responsive and Accessible Version of Microsoft Word

Bhavya shah

Dear David and Chris,

Interestingly, I use a mixture of ESpeak-NG and IBM Eloquence myself,
switching between the two from time to time. I think it is unlikely
that this issue has to do with the speech engine, because latency
therein would appear in more than just Word, unlike the Word-specific
lags I am encountering. In terms of specs, my laptop has 16 gb DDR4
RAM and an Intel I7 10th gen CPU. The lag I am talking about is,
approximately, of several hundred milliseconds, and occurs to varying
degrees during character, line as well as paragraph navigation
(non-exhaustive list). However, I ran the COM registration fixing tool
to no effect, but then restarted with add-ons disabled, and I think
there has been a noticeable change in performance. I would like to
measure this quantitatively so that I can detect changes with sureity
rather than by the sense I get; I understand information about time
after gesture for speech used to be recorded at one point in the Log
Viewer, though it does not seem to be anymore. This is a deviation
from my original question, but could someone please guide me as to how
to find out the exact time it takes for NVDA to speak after an input?


On 2/28/21, Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:
Strangely, I see even faster performance with a particular version of
IBM Eloquence than with eSpeak. Both are very snappy indeed though, and
we're talking only a few milliseconds difference here.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024
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