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And I will say, again, that while I understand entirely why a screen reader user does not want to use a mouse or mouse pad to move the mouse pointer, I fail to understand the resistance to using the actual left and right click buttons with a prepared mouse or a masked mousepad.

For a regular optical mouse, a piece of electrical tape placed over the laser output prevents it from ever moving the mouse pointer, giving you direct access to real left and right click buttons (and maybe a scroll wheel, depending on the mouse).  Using a small piece of thick-ish cardboard (like what's on the back of most writing pads, or a piece of a file folder) that's taped in place over the trackpad area of a laptop mousepad does exactly the same thing, still giving you access to the real left and right click buttons when you need them.

They're a lot more reliable than any screen reader's emulation of those buttons.

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