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What’s a prepared Mouse? Before I moved to this small town. I had a bigger desk and a wireless mouse. I used it with NVDA Then I clicked whatever I needed.


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          You are the first person I know of who's attempting to do something I've taught my private students in the past.  And you don't use a "prepared mouse" to do that.

           It can be really handy to use the mouse to get a "quick and dirty" overview of a page, sometimes far more rapidly than you can sticking strictly with screen reader commands.

           After having done a "push it to the far left, and then up" to force the mouse to the top left of the screen, then doing a slow (not glacially slow) left to right, top to bottom "waving" of the mouse over the page can get you a lot of information very quickly.  There's a trick to it, but practice makes perfect.  And when you don't want to be actually using the mouse pointer, it's simple to cover that laser port with a piece of tape so you still have your real left and right click buttons available.

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