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Does the installed version of NVDA save settings in the registry? The portable version certainly doesn't. But the behavior you describe, being able to shut down NVDA, then open it again and not lose settings but having two settings being lost sounds to me like a minor registry problem. We'll see what others say about whether the installed version stores settings in the registry.

As for mouse tracking, why do you have it off? If you have a mouse, a physical mouse, and move it around, NVDA will read what is under the mouse as it moves if mouse tracking is on. If it is off, you can move the mouse and hear nothing. Also, I believe that if mouse tracking is on, if you move the virtual mouse, NVDA key numpad slash, you will hear what is under it announced, thus verifying that the virtual mouse moved when you attempt to move it. This is useful information. In other words, unless you are letting a sighted person use the computer who doesn't want such feedback, I see no advantage in turning mouse tracking off. It has nothing to do with how the mouse or virtual mouse moves. So I think mouse tracking should be left on, as is the default. When I move the virtual mouse, I want to hear if it moved because at times, it doesn't on some web pages or perhaps elsewhere.

If you leave mouse tracking on, changing punctuation once a day is such a small inconvenience, it may not be worth ;putting effort into solving the problem.


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Hi group a strange thing has happened the last couple days on NVDA while most of my settings are in tact, every time I restart my computer for the day, the punctuation/symbol level somehow reverts to most where I have it on some to cut down on the verbiage. I reset it in speech settings but the next day it’s back. I have doublechecked to make sure save configuration on exit is checked and if NVDA is exited and restarted it’s fine but with the computer restarting that punctuation level changes back to most. I also see mouse tracking is on when the computer is restarted. This has happened for the last couple day. Any thought on why?

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