a possible problem with combo boxes and latest NVDA

Dan Beaver

I am running the latest version of NVDA production. I am trying to register for Kovid-19 vaccine on the Kroger.com site.  They use combo boxes to gather some info like the state I live in and the vaccine center I live closest to. 

I am having this issue on both Firefox and Chrome.

When I open the combo boxes and press the letter K for KY it jumps to KS for Kansas.  This is to be expected.  Then it also locks the combo box and will not allow any other movement in the combo box.  I can't move to any other states.  It acts as though I selected KS and then exited from the combo box. 

My sighted wife has tried it with NVDA turned off and it works just fine for her.  She can type a K and sees KS, she can then press K again and it changes to KY.

Other combo boxes work correctly for her as well.

I am currently unable to effectively use any combo boxes.

Any ideas if this is an NVDA issue or something else?


Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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