Re: a possible problem with combo boxes and latest NVDA

Jonathan COHN

This is a fairly common issue with folks that don't understand accessibility implications. They have coded the dropdown to perform actions when selection changes. Both JAWS and NVDA along with the browser developers created the alt-down keystroke that opens the list of choices, but doesn't actually "select" any of them until the list is closed again. I have forgotten what the proper event is to use to process the combo box it might be "onChange". 
In summary, if Kroger Web developers slightly change the behaviors of their dropdown it will be a lot easier for keyboard only and screen reader users to use it. On the other hand, the Auto Fill for Chrome and Firefox can often handle selecting the correct state for you in their autofill features.

Jonathan Cohn

On Mar 3, 2021, at 12:08, Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...> wrote:

Ok, it looks like pressing alt+down arrow opens the combo box and I can move through it using either the cursor or first letter navigation.  I am certain I tried this before but it works now.

If I use either of the other methods it still hoses up though.  This is sure weird.


Dan Beaver

On 3/3/2021 11:05 AM, Andre Fisher wrote:

Have you tried Alt+Down arrow when you've reached the combo box, then pressing Enter on your desired option? Try that and report back.
Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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