Re: NVDA 2021.1


This is not aimed at Sky Mundell, but at these, "When is the next version?," questions that pop up very shortly after each and every new version hits the street.

In any software development, unless the organization is shutting down (and NV Access is not), development for the next version has begun well before the most recently released version hits the streets.  Release schedules would be ridiculously long were work not progressing on several releases at once.

But even if the above were not true, NV Access representatives have, consistently, for years now, announced when initial beta versions as well as release candidates for the next version become available.  While "rough guesstimates" may occasionally be made about scheduled release date, it's well known that's all they are.  The next release will, quite literally, get here when it gets here.

If you watch this space for the announcement of the availability of the initial beta of the next release, no matter what that release number is, has become available you will have quite ample warning that the new release is coming soon and will also have the opportunity to test it if you so choose.

Asking ahead of announcement will get you an answer that's pretty much, "Yes, it's being worked on.  We don't know the release date yet."

So as moderator I'm asking that these questions just not be asked, as they're clutter.  Watch this space and announcements of upcoming releases will be made by the very entity that's releasing them as they deem such announcements pertinent.

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