Re: Is There a Memory Leak when NVDA Works with FireFox?


Well have wandered with waterfox on my amd to.

Version 2020.08 works but is the last version to work even at a reduced rate with the cpu fan and such, after that websites like don't render right and resilio sync doesn't render right either.

A lot of extra crashes go on to though waterfox has gotten more unstable in recent times, but I just like the layout so I stick with this older version.

On 6/03/2021 8:26 pm, Luke Davis wrote:
A few things of note.

1. Yes, I've seen this, although not generally on the last five or so major versions of Firefox.

2. I keep a shortcut on my desktop which calls taskkill on firefox.exe, and has a keyboard shortcut (control+alt+k), for just such circumstances.

3. When this has happened on my laptops, I would start to notice the fan speeding up to maximum, and then never slowing back down. The machine would become nearly unusable. This would only happen on certain websites. was one, but I believe I also observed it, at least to a partial extent, on Facebook, though I don't use Facebook web enough to be sure.

4. This problem, under various descriptions, has been reported here before, and may even have some Github issues about it, although I don't have time to research whether that's true right now.

5. While I don't know if this is related, I can say that I experienced this at its worst, on AMD processors. My Intel machine seemed a bit more resilient with it, or it never got as all-consuming as it was with the AMDs. But I have no idea if that is indicative, or just a usage pattern difference.

I know of no solution to this other than to assassinate the fox when it happens. I also don't know if it is strictly an NVDA thing, or if other screen readers experience it as well.


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