Re: microsoft team with NVDA screen reader

David Goldfield

Hello. If you’re referring to Microsoft Teams then I can tell you that I am one of the many Teams users who uses the program with screen readers, including NVDA. For several reasons I am not able to engage in off-list conversations as I don’t have the time to provide one on one support. However, if your questions are specifically related to NVDA and its interaction with Teams I would imagine this list is an appropriate place to ask your questions. If your question is more specific to Teams and how to use it with screen readers in general you are free to join the Teams-access list, which I own. To subscribe, send email to


Asking questions on a mailing list is much better than engaging in a dialog with an individual. Asking on a list appropriate for the question means that more people can respond and can give you more information than you might otherwise get from a one on one dialog. Those who may be interested in the topic also benefit from the discussion. Finally, group messages are archived, allowing people who may have similar questions to read the exchange later on when they need the information.


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Subject: [nvda] microsoft team with NVDA screen reader




Does anyone use Microsoft Team with NVDA screen reader please? If so can you contact me of list.


Thanks in advance



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