For those using Security Suites or Mail Classifiers that Change the Subject Line #adminnotice


There seems to be a recent uptick, and not only in the NVDA group, of topics being split because whatever "takes a look at incoming email" before it lands in your inbox is adding things like, "[SUSPECTED SPAM]," in front of the original subject line.  This causes topics to be split, sometimes multiple times.

Messages from any group to which you subscribe from any email service, not just, are by definition not spam.  You don't get these messages unless you've asked for them.

I am asking anyone who uses this sort of software to please add into their whitelist of allowed domains (or whatever terminology your specific product uses to say, "If this message originates from this place, don't classify it as spam.")  If you have other subscriptions you may just want to add any domain that ends in  Also do this for any other subscription email services you're using.  This prevents incorrect spam classification and unintentional topic splitting.

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