Re: Is There a Memory Leak when NVDA Works with FireFox?


Hmmm this is a concern.

I thought it was all of waterfox but if its a mozilla code thing then thats a problem.

For now waterfox 20.08 is fine with noscript classic but security wize I can't really stay here.

Chrome is ok but some sites I use like my computer shop impliment everything under a mouse over link and on waterfox the actual links pop up, on chrome things become a bit weird to use.

But maybe chromium is the only way to go, a pitty because I always liked the mozilla system.

Its a pitty there isn't an classic brouser using the pre quantom engine.

It worked well enough and didn't use uia at all which I have issue with.

Even if I had something old for nonsecure stuff it would be ok I guess.

On 7/03/2021 5:39 am, Russell James wrote:

I can also confirm similar experience with using Firefox nightly on an Intel based system with plenty of CPU and memory

Seems a little worse lately like in the last few weeks happening almost once a day

Using many many windows in Firefox with many tabs in each

Also using no script the script blocker and usually only allowing scripts temporarily on the tabs I'm actively using

Lately it seems like more drastic measures are required like power cycling the system however in the past restarting nvda used to work


On Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 10:19 AM Giles Turnbull <giles.turnbull@...> wrote:
I experience this, usually a couple of times per day. For me, NVDA is too inactive to use Task Manager to see what process is seizing-up my laptop or tablet. I don't have a desktop shortcut to kill the Firefox process because I didn't know Firefox was to blame. Usually using the Alt+Shift+n shortcut to force NVDA to re-start will work and, as long as I use that brief moment of NVDA life to close a few programs that I figured might be responsible (Firefox and WinAmp and word) I can make sure that I have any unsaved documents saved before re-starting my computer.

I do use Chrome as well as Firefox, but since Firefox is still running with its tabs open when I also use Chrome, I don't know whether this happens if I'd only used Chrome that day. I much prefer the Firefox browser.

I'm using the latest Firefox (86.0) and the latest stable NVDA (2020.4) on both a Surface Pro 4 tablet and an Asus gaming laptop, both using Intel processors and 8Gb memory.


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