Re: For those using Security Suites or Mail Classifiers that Change the Subject Line #adminnotice


Louise, and anyone using Gmail (whether via webmail or in an e-mail client),

See my tutorial:  Creating IMAP Labels (Folders) and Filters for Gmail

The tutorial is quite lengthy, as I'm trying to cover a wide range of possibilities.  You do NOT have to read the whole thing, from beginning to end.  Instead, proceed as noted below.

You can skip from step one, where you log in to Gmail on the web and get into settings, straight to step six, which is where the step-by-step instructions for creating filters begins.  For this exercise you will not be creating labels/folders, but just a filter that makes sure that anything originating from will not be classified as spam.

At step 8, you will be using the To field, in which you'll enter:  *
then move along directly to Step 9.

At step 9, you will activate the Never send it to Spam option, and only that option.

Then proceed immediately to navigate to and activate the Create Filter button, and you're done.

Now, any message that comes into your Gmail account that is from any group should never end up in Spam, but land in your inbox, regardless of anything that might otherwise normally cause a spam filter to trigger.

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