Re: Issue with Microsoft teams

Vaibhav Saraf


Normally Teams title will be set to the name of the person / group whose chat window you have opened last in the app, irrespective of whether you sent a message or not.

You might be speaking to someone or answering a ping from notification (I don't know if anyone is actually able to interact well with that notification), but the app title will be set to the group / person name whose chat you opened last in the app.


On Wed, 10 Mar 2021 at 21:13, Surendra JUJJAVARAPU <surendrajujjavarapu9@...> wrote:

Namaskaram All,

I am facing an issue with Microsoft teams when I am trying to to check the title of the team chat. Nvda announcing wrong name of the the team chat.

For example if I am chatting with a person A in Microsoft teams, when I'm trying to check the title off the Microsoft team start. It is not announcing person a chat Microsoft teams. It is telling a different person name.

I am checking the title of Microsoft teams chat with insert plus t.

It is not happening all the time.

Can anyone tell what is the workaround for this.


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