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I don't know why you are getting those results.  What you are hearing doesn't match how NVDA is supposed to work.  If you hold the numpad insert and press numpad 1, you should hear something about no more review modes if you are in the last mode you can move back to.  But if the numpad insert were being held or were stuck on, you shouldn't be able to use f5 to spell the current word.  That command requires that numpad insert not be on. 
As I said, I don't know what the problem is but why not try a portable copy either of the current version of NVDA or of the last version that worked properly?  It's always a good idea to have a portable version of an earlier version of NVDA that worked properly on your machine.  Every time you upgrade, there is a risk of something not working properly and if you keep a portable version that worked properly, you can run it when you need it and try to solve the problem with the new version of NVDA if you wish but still be able to do what you want.
I don't know if this is an NVEDA problem or something else.  Testing with a portable version of the last version of NVDA that worked properly will tell you.  If it works properly, it's an NVDA problem and you may want to try completely uninstalling and reinstalling NVDA.  If the portable version no longer works properly, then your problem is something else.
Someone else will tell you how to completely uninstall NVDA if you need to know.  I've never done it and don't have the description that has been given on the list on my computer.

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I don't know how different versions of Microsoft Word display such material.  It used to be displayed in a list and you could not left and right arrow to spell just as you can't in a list of file and folder names.  Use numpad 1 to move backward and numpad 3 to move forward.  These are screen review commands.  I don't know if you would benefit from using screen review commands anywhere else but you might benefit from learning basic commands. 
Numpad 1 is move back to and read previous character.  2 is read current character.  3 is move to and read next character.
Numpad 4 5 and 6 are the same for word.
7 8 and 9 are the same for line. 
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Subject: [nvda] still some carricter help

Thanks guys the numpad 5 does spell out the word, but it doesn't let me
arrow through the word carricter by carricter, any other options?

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