Re: Is There a Memory Leak when NVDA Works with FireFox?

squi d

Defenately a issue by me.
tried to load my banking web site using FF 86.0 and got a app stopped responding issue.
reloaded nvda, tok a long while to reloax but did work.
using latest version of nvda.
but issue seems to be randum and not easely reproduced on same sites.
laptops spex is.
lenovo x260.
core i five CPU
16 gig ram
WD 1 TB SSD. windows 10 pro.

From: "Luke Davis" <luke@...>
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Is There a Memory Leak when NVDA Works with FireFox?

On Wed, 10 Mar 2021, zahra wrote:

2. how can i have such shortcut that you mentioned? when i observe
Right click on a blank area of your desktop (Or go to the desktop (Windows+d), press control+space to unselect the default icon, and press your applications key.)

Choose the "new" submenu, and "shortcut" from there.
Where it says: "type the location of the item", type the following:

taskkill.exe /f /im firefox.exe /t

Select "next".
Then, type a name for the shortcut. I use "Firefox killer", then select Finish.
Next, find the "Firefox killer" (or whatever you called it) icon on your desktop, and press your Applications key.
Choose "properties".
Tab to "shortcut key", and press control+alt+k, or whatever you want the shortcut to be.
Then tab to "OK" and press it.
And you should be done.

Note that these instructions work in Windows 10, 7, and probably Vista. I do not know if they do in XP.


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