locked Re: Admin's Note: Re: I have a new text to speech voice available for purchase. #adminnotice


The voice doesn't sound synthesized.  And if it is, why would such a high quality voice be sold for five dollars.  The voice sounds much better than voices being sold on the NVDA page for forty dollars, perhaps more.

I am not saying this isn't legitimate, but I'd want good verification.


On 3/11/2021 4:10 AM, Ali Savas wrote:
Hello Nimer,

I too have reservations about buying this voice. The whole thing feels
very unserious.

I was able to listen to a sample of the voice on the website he posted
here. To me it sounds like RHVoice or some similar technology. In such a
case I think it is illegal, as these technologies are under an open
source license.

Best regards

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