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Well I will buy this when I get home but yeah, Not sure because of the .bat file, but depending on what it does later on I may try to see if the author should try to use innosetup.

Currently on holiday so no doodling with buying on semi public hotel networks but if this is lagit and loads to where it needs to go, depending on how complex it is, I may try to make an innosetup package, could do as a good podcast, and then give that to the author or tell them how to use innosetup as I have used this with a lot of things.

From listening on google drive this is certainly something I'd like but right now I am away from my backups and working on a semi public hotel network so I am not doing any shopping or banking or anything

On 11/03/2021 10:58 pm, Nimer Jaber wrote:
Hello everyone,

After some discussion and reflection, I am approving the below message to be sent to the list, as Quentin, from NVAccess, has approved the voice to be listed on the wiki. Nonetheless, I have concerns regarding the authenticity of this individual and this voice, and would urge anyone to use caution when purchasing this voice. Always pay using Goods and Services when making a payment on Paypal, not Friends and Family, particularly for this kind of thing, include a description of what you are purchasing, and this way, you should be protected by Paypal's buyer and seller protections. Also, if you happen to purchase this voice, please let us know by writing to nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io of your experience, both good or bad. Ordinarily, voices like this are packaged as add-ons, not as .bat files, and, without purchasing the voice, we don't know what the .bat file will do to your system, if anything, and whether the voice is legit. So please take caution, and please let us know if you have purchased it, of your experience, both good and bad. This may be legitimate, and yet it may not.

Nimer Jaber, List Owner

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