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I'm not talking about what appeared on this list. The voice is listed as an available voice on the extra voices page and no cautions or qualifications are given there.

I am saying that a voice listed on that page would bee seen by a lot of users as having an implied endorsement in terms of safety. A lot of users wouldn't be familiar with the discussion on list.

The initial message raised serious questions about it and other list members did as well. Nowhere in the list discussion was a statement made such as that Quenton has tried the voice and found it safe and reliable. I don't know what the case is. That is why I said that voices that are unknown should be reviewed. I should have asked if the voice was reviewed and how.


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On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 11:03 PM, Gene wrote:
I and others have raised many important questions about it.-
As did the announcement. It is not an "implied endorsement" when something is announced with the clear provisos that were used here. If anyone does not understand that this is not the fault of anyone but the reader

There was nothing even vaguely like an endorsement, implied or otherwise. [And, by the way, I red flagged this announcement and there was an awful lot of back-channel discussion before the heavily cautioned announcement.]


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