Re: No speech when running NVDA.

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Ari

If you have sounds when you go to start nvda does it make a sound then go quite? If you use the windows key + letter D will it talk on the desk top. as at times when it goes to the task bar people think it is not working.

Using the arrow keys will speak out any thing there.

You might have speech mode turned off If this is the case use the nvda key + letter S to toogle it to speech mode talk.

You can also reset nvda back to factory defaults if it comes up or use the shortcut nvda key + ctrl key + the letter R 3 times unless you do it through the menu.

but make sure if you do this after you go through the menu to load it at startup etc this is the one you get whenn you do a fresh install of nvda with setting desktop etc.

make sureĀ  you get this message. You might have to restart nvda for it to come up.

Hopefully that fixes the problem.

I am guessing the nvda.ini file might of got corrupted some how.

If this is the case I think you said you uninstalled nvda from the computer there is another place to delete the settings from.

Press the windows key + the letter R then type in the following %appdata% then press the enter key. It will give you a list of folders locate the nvda folder then delete it out then use the alt key + f4 key to close that screen .

That nice fresh copy of nvda install that to the pc and it should be right to go.

You might have to use another screen reader narrator will do the trick to do the above mentioned or a pair of eyes.

Gene nz

On 13/03/2021 2:26 pm, Arianna Sepulveda wrote:
Hello, everyone,

I recently started having this issue--probably a few days ago. I've
done everything I can think of, save updating Windows 10 to the
absolute latest version--though I don't think that should make that
much of an issue, since I'm only on the release before this latest
update. Anyhow, here's my issue. I was running NVDA when all of a
sudden, it stopped speaking. I booted up Narrator and exited NVDA then
tried to bring up NVDA again, with no luck. I then tried restarting
the computer, and still nothing changed. I left the computer alone for
a few days, but when I came back to it today, I still had the same
problem. I figured, at this point, that I had nothing to lose, and
uninstalled and reinstalled NVDA, getting the latest version from
NVDA's website. The install screen spoke, but as soon as it was
installed, I suddenly had no speech. I have no idea what I can do at
this point. I have absolutely no ad-ons installed, the volume is up in
the synthesizer dialogue, and I switched to ESpeak, just in case.
Absolutely nothing has worked. I know my Surface isn't muted,
obviously, because I'm getting speech both from Narrator and from

Does anyone know what this issue could possibly be? I'm extremely
frustrated. I haven't used JAWS in quite a long time, and rather
dislike it. The caps lock key no longer works as the JAWS key for a
laptop, and I really miss the synth ring. Also, I feel like JAWS isn't
as good on the web as NVDA. I had to get my husband's help with
accepting the terms of service for a public WiFi network, because I
couldn't even use the stupid JAWS cursor because of the aforementioned
caps lock JAWS key issue. I would have had no such issue with this
webpage with NVDA. If I couldn't navigate to it with the standard
keys, I could most-likeley have gotten to it with Object Nav. Arrowing
through the page with JAWS just got me to some explanatory text, and
the stupid accept terms of service checkbox, but never to the button
to finish the process of connecting. Anyhow, I'm hoping someone has
some suggestions.


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