Re: nvda remote sound question and working on command line via laptop


One of the old tricks that I used to use under Unix, and I believe it works under Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell as well, was redirecting the output and error output from my first command in a script to a log file that I knew the name of, and for each subsequent command append redirecting the same (that is, if you need to have a comprehensive history of the entire set of steps logged - if not, then a straight redirect at each step and having notepad open the resulting file immediately afterward makes life much easier.

An example of same, in command prompt, using the output of the dir command:

dir > logfile.log 2>&1 && notepad logfile.log

This opens the logfile in notepad automatically after the dir command completes.  But, it does NOT stop continued execution of the bat file.  If you want pauses you need to specifically put those in.  You'd also want to exit notepad after each examination if you were continuing to append, as once something's open in notepad it's not going to auto update in the existing window as you append to it.

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