Re: REquest for Help on few NVDA questions

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

All good questions, but I only have an answer for #5, and don't worry
about mentioning JAWS, happens on this list frequently. NVDA uses
something called object navigation, but I'm not an expert in it so am
probably not the best person to answer your questions about it. I'm
sure others will be able to though.

On 3/14/21, Vinod Benjamin <> wrote:
Dear Team,

I am using NVDA 2020.4 which runs Windows 10 64.
i have installed addons as well.
kindly help me with the below :
1. NVDA is not reading the Text which is there in Word 2019. it use to
read before.
2. how to navigate in Outlook web app and outlook standalone software
by 1st letter navigation, because if i have to search a mail either i
have to go to the Search and then find the mail or in the tree view i
have to use aero keys to navigate.
3. in the to/ cc fields how to copy a mail id or make NVDA to read the
id phonetically .
4. do we have any work around for NVDA to work in Real tech audio Console.
5. how to use virtual curser or a do we have a option like JAWS Curser .
6. how to activate a Mouse over link in websites.

sorry for these many questions. i am accessing my PC now a days
extensivelly with NVDA . also in my 5th question i was finding
difficult to ask with out mentioning the other screen reader.
Hoping a response from our learned community.


Vinod Benjamin

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