Re: Set NVDA Modifier as a Sticky Key

Tyler Spivey

If you use the sticky keys feature of Windows, the NVDA modifier automatically becomes sticky.

If you don't want to use sticky keys, try this addon I wrote a while ago for a similar question. Once you install it, the NVDA modifier becomes sticky for one press and should do what you want.

If this doesn't work, please tell me why and what you want it to do, since I don't use an input system like this, and I might be able to come up with something better.

On 3/15/2021 10:41 AM, Ted Galanos wrote:
Good afternoon, list.
My name is Ted and it is my first time on this list. My primary screen reader has been JAWS for almost 25 years. I do use NVDA on the rare occasion JAWS quits unexpectedly. There is a feature in the JAWS Settings Center called Insert Mode.This is off by default, but when turned on, the JAWS key becomes a stickey key. I use two switches in order to type and navigate using an expanded version of morse code through an alternative navigation device. This effectively means I am a one-finger typist. Several years ago, someone found for me an NVDA plug in or add on that made the NVDA key a sticky key, but it was very clumsy to use. First, you had to activate the add on. Then perform the task. And finally, dactivate the add on. It is also worth noting that the CAPS LOCK is not a viable alternative. I am wondering if there may be a more updated and streamline solution? Thanks to Joseph Lee for telling me about this list.
Ted Galanos

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