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Nimer Jaber

Hello Ollie,

Unfortunately, my thread on this seems to have been broken up into a number of different threads. However, if you do the following:
2. Search for the topic you wish to find. In this case, you can search for the hashtag adminnotice.
3. Go through that page, and you will find my initial message on this topic at https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/message/82397?p=,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,%23adminnotice,100,2,0,81249685

Note to anyone that the initial link I posted, in step #1, will work to find any message on any topic.

Two more things:

1. Posting threads with appropriate subjects helps everyone, should they choose to utilize the archive, even years down the road.
2. Maintaining threads without starting a completely new one is really important as well, as it means that finding a specific thread on a topic is more easily accomplished.

I hope this helps.

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 3:36 AM Mallard <mallard@...> wrote:
Hello group,

Sorry to bother you all, but I had a computer issue and I can't find the
original post about the new tts available for $5.
I'd love to test it.

Could anyone, orpossibly Jackson himself, send me the link, please?

Please, forgive me again for bothering you all with this request.

Take careand stay safe, wherever you are.


On 11/03/2021 14:59, Socheat Muth wrote:
> This is weird. Voices for NVDA should packaged as NVDA add-on. The
> .bat file always needs to run as administrator permission, be cautious
> what you use here.
> On Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 8:06 PM Ian Blackburn
> <ianblackburn@... <mailto:ianblackburn@...>> wrote:
>     be ware I say my question is why the developers of NVDA allowed
>     this to be posted in the first place on their website?
>     Ian
>     On 11/03/2021 8:59 pm, Luis Carlos González Moráles wrote:
>>     Hi group,
>>     Maybe it's just me, but it sounds synthetic to me. I don't have
>>     enough money to purchase that at the moment, but maybe in the
>>     future I will. In which engine did you or the developer created
>>     the voice from? I'm just kind of curious.
>>     Ron Canazzi wrote:
>>>     Hi Group,
>>>     If this is really legitimate, why wouldn't the author allow for
>>>     a 7 day trial after which the voice became non functional?  Be
>>>     ware of this software.
>>>     On 3/11/2021 7:13 AM, Bogdan Onyshenko wrote:
>>>>     On the other hand. Author provides 24 hr money back guaranty.
>>>>     Perhaps I would try to get those if in near future will get $5
>>>>     to spare.
>>>>     *От: *Ali Savas <mailto:ali-savas@...>
>>>>     *Отправлено: *11 марта 2021 г. в 13:48
>>>>     *Кому: *nvda@nvda.groups.io <mailto:nvda@nvda.groups.io>
>>>>     *Тема: *Re: [nvda] Admin's Note: Re: I have a new text to
>>>>     speech voice available for purchase. #adminnotice
>>>>     Hi Gene,
>>>>     I have a feeling that he wants the money for the voice, but not
>>>>     for the
>>>>     software technology itself, since as I said it seems to be open
>>>>     source.
>>>>     Since we don't know if that's compatible with the license, I'd
>>>>     have a
>>>>     real bellyache buying those voices.
>>>>     Ali
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