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Sharing or selling the voice can't be legal unless the law is illogical which strains credulity. Are you saying that the voice can be shared but as soon as someone uses it for something, such as with NVDA, than its use is illegal? In that case, I would think that sharing the voice is being an accessory to illegal use since obviously, no one is going to get the voice with the intent of just having it sit there.

In short, I find it so implausible that the law would have such a loophole that I consider sharing the voice illegal either in and of itself or because the intent is for illegal use.


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Well I brought this voice.

The batch file is for registration and unregistration

Thats all it is.

The author has asked me to make an innosetup package to install it.

From reading its licence file and information this thing was created
with acapella my own voice.


This service is free till the voice is used for a spaciffic application.

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