Re: Column selection in word

Sylwek Piekarski

Yes, if you do as I wrote, only this part of the table will be selected in your case only three cells in the column.
Keyboard shortcuts for Word to navigate in the table are:
ALT + HOME - First cell in a row
Alt + End - Last cell a row,
Alt + PGUP - First cell in column,
Alt + PGDN - Last cell in column.
When you use these  Shortcut with the SHIFT key, only this area will be select on which the cursor moves.

W dniu 17.03.2021 o 13:03, William pisze:

Do you mean although nvda speak the content of other cell, actually word has not selected them?

Yeti 於 17/3/2021 19:47 寫道:
Hello Sylwek,

I tested out that it work only if the table is empty.
Yes, it looks like this, but this is an issue of NVDA.

When You copy the marked text by pressing CTRL+C and paste it on another place, You will see it.

At least that was the case with me in word 2019.

Ad Astra


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