Re: some messages are very slow in Outlook

Mike Sedmak

I enabled UI automation for Outlook yesterday afternoon. Since then I
have had zero outlook crashes even though I have opened dozens of the
types of emails that crashed regularly without UI automation.

I am pretty convinced that UI automation also fixed my outlook crashing issue.

UI automation also improved Outlook accessibility in a few other ways:
1. Now Tables in HTML emails correctly read the headers when I use
table navigation, like tables on a web site
2. The scheduling assistant tab now correctly seems to choose the next
available time instead of getting stuck or suggesting I hold my
meetings in the middle of the night.

FWIW I created a profile for outlook so that is the only place I am
using UI automation.

Are the NVDA devs considering enabling UI automation by default on a
per app basis in a future release?


On 3/16/21, Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...> wrote:
Strange. Are you using UI Automation or not? That seems to have solved
the crashing issue for me, but it's also strange that you can't
reproduce the issue reliably. For me, restarting never worked, and I
can reproduce the issues I've described pretty reliably running
Outlook 2016. Messages from Xfinity sometimes do it, but not as
reliably as those from Uber. Groupon sends out so many different types
of emails that I can't guarantee every one of their messages will have
issues, but the messages that all use the same template do all have
issues. I have no idea whether this is a bug with Outlook or NVDA, but
I came from System Access, and had very few problems with that screen
reader. One message was causing a problem with a particular DLL, but
fixing that file fixed that problem. System Access read every Groupon
message without having to change any setting deep in the advanced
settings, nor did it ever slow down with certain HTML messages.

On 3/16/21, Mike Sedmak <mcsedmak@...> wrote:
Interesting. I also get a not reproducable error with outlook 365.
It seems to only be html and rich text emails.
Sometimes opening one causes outlook to crash. But after closing and
restarting, outlook can usually open that same email without issue.
I have no way of reproducing the issue as I never know which email
will be the one waiting to crash outlook.
But I have had this crash happen more than 9 times today.

nvda 2020.4
outlook 365 updated per company IT settings
windows 10 patched up to date per company IT settings

At this point all the emails that I have seen are company
confidential, so I can not share an example.

I suspect this is an outlook bug not an nvda bug. Any tips on how to
submit a report to MS? My local IT has not been that helpful getting
a bug filed on MS.


On 3/16/21, Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...> wrote:
Someone other than me is probably better to tell you what it does, but
checking the box solves the problem for me in certain messages. Most
of the time it's fine for me too, but I get a particular set of
messages where Outlook crashes. I'm not sure what causes it in these
messages, but it does, and UI Automation solves it.

On 3/16/21, Vaibhav Saraf <vaibhav.s.acc@...> wrote:

How do we use UI Automation with NVDA? I never toggled that sort of
setting, my Outlook - NVDA combo seems to work fine.


On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 at 00:01, Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Does Narrator automatically start reading messages? I think I'd find
that annoying, but I really don't understand why NVDA has so many
problems with Outlook either. For instance, I have to use UI
Automation, otherwise Outlook crashes, but only when NVDA is being
used, and now this, which people have observed, but nobody has given
me a solution to fix.

On 3/16/21, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:

Yes, I can confirm that messages are a lot faster in Narrator. Also,
have Narrator's Use Outlook More Efficiently checkbox checked, it
read all the message header garbage. NVDA could learn a lot from
with Outlook.

Also, NVDA doesn't read the whole message, so you have to initiate a
all, or cursor down through the messages.

All the best


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Subject: Re: [nvda] some messages are very slow in Outlook

I notice some messages are slow, such as messages from;
Amazon, audible, my bank, yes, messages from buisnesses.
Regular mail from individuals or email lists are fine.

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I have seen this and suspect the problem is the HTML markup of the
Uber's messages would have some very cluttered HTML and perhaps
which could be slowing NVDA down.


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