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Quentin Christensen

Sorry I forgot about this issue when I initially responded (and I used a blank table so I didn't notice).

This is a known issue.  It had been previously reported but closed, I have written it up here:

Basically the steps do work, just NVDA does not report the correct selection.  To confirm, if there is content in the cells selected, press control+c to copy it to the clipboard, and NVDA+c to read the contents of the clipboard - it will read the contents of the cells you had actually selected.



On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 11:30 PM Yeti <jbslists@...> wrote:
Hello William and All,

> Do you mean although nvda speak the content of other cell,

What I tryed and what happened:
1. I have a Table with 2 columns and about 50 rows. In the second / right column, there are only low numbers, such as 3, 14 or 42.
2. I navigated to the second cell and pressed Alt+Shift+PGDN as proposed.
3. NVDA announced something like "3456 letters marked" and I couldn't believe it.
4. I pressed CTRL+C, opened notepad and pasted with CTRL+V.

There were the about 50 numbers with together about 60 characters and nothing else ...

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