Re: Files and folders and drives; properties


If you are using the desktop, the easiest way is the following:
When the properties dialog opens, issue the command shift numpad 7 to move to the top of the screen.

Move down by line with numpad 9. You will learn how many lines to move down to get to what you want. I think its about 7 times to hear the amount of used disk space and one or two more lines to hear the size the file is. You'll have to see, I move quickly and don't pay much attention until I get to what or about what I want.

You don't have to go into review mode. These are object review commands.


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Subject: [nvda] Files and folders and drives; properties

Hi List,

I am using current nvda and win 20h2.

Often, I want to know the properties of Files and folders and drives;

I select the item I want and press alt+enter.

How do I move through the material displayed on the properties page.

Currently I have to hear it all read.

There is a faster way?

Line by line?



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