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That isn't correct. At least it isn't correct in the versions of Windows I've used. While you can go into review mode and do this, in this case, it isn't necessary. Staying in object review works here because the dialog is one object. You can therefore use the commands I gave in object mode. I didn't know it was all one object until I tried moving this way in the dialog while staying in object navigation mode. I did so because it’s a little more convenient not to issue the extra commands to go into review mode, then return to object navigation. So I tried object navigation first in the dialog.

Try it and you'll see that it works if Windows 10 is like other versions of Windows in this respect.


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Gene's solution is what I was going to suggest, except that as described it
probably won't work.

In order to use this, you must first go into Screen Review mode, by pressing

Once you do that, follow Gene's instructions.

Don't forget to return to object review mode after, by pressing NVDA+numpad1.

These are desktop layout commands, rtfm for the laptop versions.


On Thu, 18 Mar 2021, Gene wrote:

When the properties dialog opens, issue the command shift numpad 7 to move to the top of the screen.
Move down by line with numpad 9. You will learn how many lines to move down
You don't have to go into review mode. These are object review commands.

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