Excel: Insuring that row headers read properly for NVDA (like they can be by JAWS)

Jessica Lemond

Hello all,
I am working on a project to make a spreadsheet tool I use with a lot
of coworkers accessible with NVDA. The spreadsheet has two individual
columns, then a 3xunlimited table. I want NVDA to read both the column
headers and the row headers (which are in column A even though they
are outside of the table) when the table is navigated with tab.
Right now, I can do this successfully with JAWS. The column headers
read automatically so long as I check the box that says "my table has
headers". The row headers read correctly when I change the name of
cell A1 (the start of the first row) to "Title". NVDA reads the column
headers in the same spreadsheet, but it does not read the row headers.
Is NVDA limited in this regard, or is there a way to make it read the
spreadsheet the same way JAWS is reading it?
Thanks for any advice you may have to offer.

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