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Hi.  The problem you have is not with NVDA itself but with the columns that you have displayed in your outlook view.  What you need to do is remove the columns you don’t wish to have spoken from your view in outlook.  You don’t’ specify which version you are running so I’ll give you the instructions for outlook 2016 and hope that will help.  Also just to note that if you do have another screenreader you might want to change your view using it.  I have just tried to go through the steps using NVDA so that I can write them down for you and when I get to the last step, it does not read out any of the colum headings so I have had to revert back to JAWS so that I can read these headings.


1.        From within the folder you wish to change in outlook press alt and V and this should take you to the views menu.

2.       Press down arrow and you should hear “Current View.

3.       Press tab to hear settings button press enter.

4.       You are now on the columns button.  Press enter.

5.       Press tab until you hear show the columns in this order.

6.       Press down arrow until you hear the column you want to remove.

7.       shift and tab once to get to the remove button and press enter

8.       8.  If you wish to remove more columns, press tab to get back to the available columns list and repeat steps 5 - 7 until you have all columns you don't want to hear spoken removed.

9.       Tab to ok and press enter.

10.   tab to ok and press enter.  You will now be back in your outlook message folder.




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Subject: [nvda] microsoft ofice outlook and nvda


Hello every one,

Can any one tell me? How to stop NVDA from reading unnecessary details when errowing through emails up and down details such as and how many KB ETC.


Best regards,


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