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Changing to laptop layout doesn't affect whether the capslock is used as a modifier. It remains off unless you check the check box that you see when tabbing through the keyboard settings dialog. This check box appears whether you are in desktop or laptop layout. It is no harder or easier to turn capslock on or off regardless of which layout you are using.


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The easiest way is to change to using the laptop keyboard layout as opposed to desktop.

You also have the option to add it to the existing Insert and NumPad Insert that are the two defaults for desktop keyboard layout with a checkbox.

All of this is in NVDA Settings [NVDA+N,P,S], Keyboard Pane [which can be found by hitting K for first letter Nav], then tabbing over and going through the settings. (Two tabs should land you on the checkbox to add Caps Lock to the NVDA Modifier Key collection if you are using Desktop keyboard layout.)

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