Re: Files and folders and drives; properties

Luke Davis

I get the same behavior, but the checkbox object that is first focused is just called "Read only", if I do this on a file rather than a folder.

I believe, in the folder context, it is informing that the files in the folder will be read-only, not the folder itself.

I have never tried to make a folder read-only in Windows, so don't know what effects might follow.


On Thu, 18 Mar 2021, Gene wrote:

that dialog. But I find it odd that you evidently get a message that says only applies to files in folder. How would whatever if generating the message know what you are doing and what the command applies to? I wonder if this is an NVDA generated message. What happens if you are in a folder and on a specific file? Do you get the same message when in properties for a single file?

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