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Also, while read tool tips may be the simplest solution, it may not be to your best advantage. It may be something you will want to use, but I think it is better to get comfortable using screen review and/or object review, whatever you are using here NVDA commands. Whatever you are using is convenient and important for a lot of other uses and using the easiest solution before you get comfortable using these commands may be a disincentive to using them comfortably and well.


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As far as speech is concerned, it will stop as soon as you issue a command
such as control, down arrow, or any other command that stops the current
speech which is actually any keyboard command.

To hear the information read automatically, you will have to have files and
folders displayed using details rather than list.

While you can easily stop speech, you may not want to hear it automatically
and have to stop it. You will also hear descriptions at other times, such
as on the desktop.

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Hi Zara,

When the nvda preferences is set to "tool tips", does that cause a lot of
unnecessary chatter?



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honestly, i dont use properties most of times.
in nvda preferences, object presentation, i just checked report tooltips and
nvda reads such informations automaticly for me.
i believe that its the most simple solution about reading properties!

On 3/18/21, Monte Single <> wrote:
Hi List,

I am using current nvda and win 20h2.

Often, I want to know the properties of Files and folders and drives;

I select the item I want and press alt+enter.

How do I move through the material displayed on the properties page.

Currently I have to hear it all read.

There is a faster way?

Line by line?



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