Re: does nvda have its own keystroke to read footnote?

Aschalew Byness

Hi Paul
Thank you for your wonderful add-on. I have been using your word
accessibility enhancement and nvda global extention add-ons. I really
like them for they solve many problems NVDA doesn't. However, for some
reason I didn't know, sometimes, these two add-ons stop working. I
tried to find out with which add-on they are crashing. I was not
successful though. Hence, I decided to not use them. May I know the
cause of only your addons to suddenly stop working?

On 3/19/21, bering.p <> wrote:
If you want, you can try this add-on:
This is the current development version.

The stable version is here:

I am at your disposal for any further informations.
*Best regards.*


Le 19/03/2021 03:37, Aschalew Byness a écrit :
Hi Friends?
When I read with NVDA, I want to read the content in the footnote as
well. Does nvda have keystroke of its own to read footnote like
alt+shift+e in jaws? the raven shortcut of word (alt+s, h, is a litle
bit time taking.

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