does nvda have its own keystroke to read footnote?


Thank you for your compliments.
You are the first to report this kind of problem to me and in addition to two very distinct add-ons.
You may have a particular configuration.
To study it, I need NVDA's log in "debug" log level.
As soon as you notice the problem, please send it to me privately and as an attachment rather than integrated because it can quickly become large.

 Best regards.

Le 20/03/2021 06:28, Aschalew Byness a écrit :

Hi Paul
Thank you for your wonderful add-on. I have been using your word
accessibility enhancement and nvda global extention add-ons. I really
like them for they solve many problems NVDA doesn't. However, for some
reason I didn't know, sometimes, these two add-ons stop working. I
tried to find out with which add-on they are crashing. I was not
successful though. Hence, I decided to not use them. May I know the
cause of only your addons to suddenly stop working?

On 3/19/21, bering.p <bering.p@...> wrote:
If you want, you can try  this add-on:
This is the current development version.

The stable version is here:

I am at your disposal for any further informations.
*Best regards.*


Le 19/03/2021 03:37, Aschalew Byness a écrit :
Hi Friends?
When I  read with NVDA, I want to read the content in the footnote as
well. Does nvda have keystroke of its own to read footnote like
alt+shift+e in jaws? the raven shortcut of word (alt+s, h, is a litle
bit time taking.

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