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As the no-cost upgrade path from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows 10 is still available, and Windows 7 is officially out of support, and Windows 8.1 has a bit under 2 more years (I think), this would not be a great use of developer resources.  Though it would be up to the individual undertaking it, I guess.

Anyone who intends to stay in the Windows ecosystem and continue using NVDA should first update their Windows to Windows 10.  We're already at the stage where the most recent versions of NVDA are, legitimately, ceasing to have backward compatibility with earlier versions of NVDA itself, let alone out-of-support versions of Windows.

The end user does have an obligation to "keep up" or accept that they will be stuck with whatever last operational version of any piece of software happens to work with what they're insisting on keeping.

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