Re: Ask about Vocalizer for NVDA by Tiflotecnia

Bernd Dorer

Hi rui,

will Version 2 of the driver be updated for nvda 2020.1? I ask because there are some German voices missing in version 3.



Am 20.03.2021 um 03:11 schrieb Rui Fontes:


For NVDA versions between 2019.3 and 2020.4:

For last NVDA Alpha versions:

Best regards,

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 01:59 de 20/03/2021, prem.translator@... escreveu:
The latest driver version is 3.14, which isn't compatible with NVDA 2020.4. Will there be a plan to release the new driver version soon to support the latest NVDA?

Thank you.

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